Sozo Ministry Gold Coast

Sozo is the name given to this unique ministry and it simply means ‘saved’, ‘healed’, ‘delivered’. Over the past seven years we have had the privilege of seeing lives changed as people revisit their connection with Father, Son and Holy Spirit and then allow Him to adjust any areas requiring attention.

My personal testimony about Sozo: “I was trained in crisis counseling and for about 15 years have helped many who were facing differing degrees of crisis. I received excellent training and saw countless respondents assisted by what we offered. Then it began to dawn on me that many of those we served were being ‘maintained’ by the service on offer: they would contact us when at a low place and we would assist them back to par. I began to see too many become dependent on us and on our availability and it concerned me that they never found lasting wholeness.

I then heard of a ministry called Sozo. Sozo had been birthed in Bethel Redding and was about to hold their first Basic Sozo Training weekend in Australia. I was drawn to it and travelled 9 hours to attend. As I listened to the training material I realised this tool could provide everything my previous training hadn’t. It felt as if I had struck STRUCK GOLD and in the years since we have seen scores of people, not being helped back to par but finding breakthrough and victory in situations that have kept them ‘low’ for years.”

During a Sozo session the focus becomes your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Sozo leader will guide you through the process in a loving and honoring way. With a healed connection, you can walk in the destiny to which you have been called.

If I had to summarise what takes place in a Sozo session in one word it would be FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness sets the forgiver free.

This ministry is for ALL believers. Please complete the Contact Us form if you would like to schedule an appointment.